Components of the iOS OpenSDK RTMP Library


Streamaxia OpenSDK for iOS RTMP Streaming is a live streaming (broadcasting) library for mobile devices.

This is a short programming guide about how to integrate Streamaxia OpenSDK library in your iOS project.

For the full API documentation, please download the “Documentation” folder and run index.html.


OpenSDK Main Interface

The main interface is responsible for the initialization and configuration of the SDK. It provides information about the available features.

Important: Before using the publisher, the SDK must be properly initialized and configured.

Recorder – AXRecorder

The recorder is responsible for capturing and streaming audio and video content to a RTMP server. Before using the recorder, the SDK must be properly configured and have a valid license.

Note that we do not offer the media server – you have to acquire the media hosting service from a CDN like

It also provides utilities for changing the settings for capturing and streaming audio and video.

Recorder Delegate – AXRecorderDelegate

The recorder delegate is optional. This should be implemented to receive the callbacks delivered by the recorder.

It provides information about the recorder state changes, internet availability, recording time, warnings and errors that occur while recording and streaming.

Recorder Settings – AXRecorderSettings

The settings used by the recorder to capture and stream media are defined here. It contains settings like stream mode, video bitrate, resolution, torch mode and more.

The recorder settings are required for initializing the recorder.

Stream Info – AXStreamInfo

The info about the streaming destination is defined here. This should be configured with your own values, corresponding to your streaming destination and associated streaming account info.

The stream info is required for initializing the recorder.

Utilities – AXUtils

Provides a set of utilities that can be used along with the rest of the API for streaming the content. Utilities like recommended video bit rates, available resolutions, supported resolutions, supported frame rates and many others are available in the AXUtils class.

Here at Streamaxia, we deliver live streaming solutions since 2007. Get in touch to add live streaming capabilities to your app!

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