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Android RTMP Streaming Sample Turnkey App

In this article, we’re going to show you how easy it is to start using our Streamaxia OpenSDK for Android RTMP streams as we include a sample app.

Step 1: Clone into our repository here:

Step 2: Import the project into Android Studio

Step 3: Decide whether you’d like to use your own RTMP server or use ours, provided for free.

If you’re using our RTMP URL and broadcast at rtmp:// you can play it back at or

Not that you can only use our server for testing and review purposes, only.

If you’re using your own media server or CDN, you need to check its documentation.

Step 4: Play and you’re live! You’re now streaming live from your Android phone to a RTMP server, using Streamaxia OpenSDk. Remember that you cannot use the simulator for this.

Quick note on the RTMP URL structure: rtmp://username:password@hostname/application/streamkey or rtmp://hostname/application/streamkey

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