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Android OpenSDK Methods

This page lists all the methods available in the Streamaxia OpenSDK Android library.

Method and Description

Returns the current output resolution

Get current framerate.

Get current keyframe interval.

getSupportedPictureSizes(int orientation)
Get the list of supported streaming resolutions for the current camera.

Check if it is using the audio soft encoder.

Check if the publisher is currently set on mute.

When invoked it will pause the recording of the video.

When invoked it will resume the recording of the video, if the pauseRecord()

setAudioSoftEncode(boolean audioSoftEncode)
Set audio soft encode.

setCameraFacing(int id)
Set the camera by id.

setEncoderHandler(EncoderHandler handler)
Sets the event event on the Publisher object.

setFramerate(int framerate)
Set the streaming and recording framerate.

setKeyframeInterval(int keyframeInterval)
Set the streaming keyframe interval.

When invoked will set the encoder to send only video, with no audio.

setRecordEventHandler(RecordHandler handler)
Sets the publisher event on the Publisher object.

setRtmpHandler(RtmpHandler handler)
Sets the publisher event on the Publisher object.

setScreenOrientation(int orientation)
Sets the orientation of the Android RTMP video output.

setVideoBitRate(int bitRate)
When invoked sets a new bitrate.

setVideoOutputResolution(int width, int height, int orientation)
Set the Android RTMP video output resolution.

startPublish(java.lang.String rtmpUrl)
When invoked will start the process of streaming; Please note that you will need to provide your own media server, like Wowza.

startRecord(java.lang.String recordingPath)
When invoked it will start the local recording/saving of the video

When invoked will stop the streaming process

When invoked it will stop the last initiated recording.

When invoked will switch the camera.

When invoked will switch the encoder to hardware encoding.

When invoked will switch the encoder to software encoding.

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